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Euroconstruct Trading `98 – We Build the Future

EURO CONSTRUCT TRADING’98 SRL was founded in 1998 and from the beginning until the present day it has become a well known company with a tradition in the field of motorways, roads, bridges, civil constructions, electrical installations, plumbing, water supply, sewerage, tramway lines, tunnel construction / consolidation, galleries, metro stations, mechanized construction of underground metro lines , construction of surface and underground railways, construction of railway bridges and tunnels, manoeuvring and / or rail transport operations on industrial railway lines and more, it has recently been active in the field of collecting, storing non-hazardous, hazardous waste, treating, removing and transporting hazardous, non-hazardous waste, decontamination activities, laboratory activities regarding construction and environmental aspects. Extraction of ornamental and building stone, extraction of limestone, gypsum, chalk and slate. Extraction of gravel and sand, extraction of clay and kaolin. Production and marketing of natural aggregates stabilized with hydraulic binders. Production and marketing of road materials: asphalt mix, concrete, bituminous emulsions, bituminous mastics. Hydro-technical constructions – land improvement works. Road transport of freight, freight transport by rail. Rental of motor vehicles with deservent and rental of industrial vehicles with deservent. Public services for local sanitation, maintenance of green spaces.

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From the moment it was established until the present day, SC EURO CONSTRUCT TRADING’98 SRL has developed a strong intangible heritage: a base of permanent customers and suppliers, collaboration contracts with strong companies, partnerships with public authorities, a solid reputation which translates to creditworthiness and solvency with banks and collaborators, executive and management staff with plenty of experience. Although the market is very competitive and has a specific dynamic, through the proactive policy implemented by the company’s management since its inception, S.C. EURO CONSTRUCT TRADING’98 S.R.L. offers a wide and complete range of services that have established it as one of the top Romanian companies.
The organizational structure is determined and adopted in order to respond to any circumstantial situation, without omitting and eliminating any of the functions or obligations of the company, including the constituent elements of SR EN ISO9001. The optimal organizational and functional framework is ensured in the company’s fulfilment of its contractual obligations as well as the implementation of the management strategy and the quality policy. In order to fully satisfy the beneficiaries, to maintain confidence in the quality of the works, products / services and to demonstrate capability and competitiveness for economic profitability, it was decided to implement, maintain, certify and continuously improve a quality management system.

With regard to the amount of works offered to its beneficiaries, the company can be considered a competitive supplier, which can provide a large volume of low-consumption works (due to very little loss), complying with the quality standards and practices and the agreed delivery terms of contracted works. Within the company there is a continuous flow of productive activity carried out by ensuring all the processed and raw materials necessary for production, supplied by the company itself when possible.

The entire activity is backed by a computer system made up of current technology equipment, which provides a large capacity for storing, processing and providing information such as: financial accounting, management records, acquisition, launching and tracking works, inventory of equipment and means transport, human resources, etc. ”